What to Expect When You don’t Know What to Expect

Do this ONE thing to rise to challenges!

If there’s one thing that’s certain in this life, it’s uncertainty, right?

In the final video of this week’s series, we’re contemplating the question, “How do we rise to challenges?”

👉We’ve got to expect uncertainty. Everything changes.

👉Buddhist wisdom reminds us of the nature of impermanence. We don’t know what we’re going to get.

The more we grasp to hold onto something or cling to it staying the same, the more we suffer. Have you noticed this?💯

💥Rising to challenges asks us to expand our vision, open our minds, and awaken our hearts. It invites us also to let others in so that we can feel our vulnerability.

💫Rising to challenges doesn’t mean that we don’t experience pain. It means that we attempt to walk with ourselves through the pain… and if we can’t hold ourselves up, then we let others be our buoys through the storm.

July of last year I was in a cycling accident that required a lot of help and support.
👉I was reminded of our interdependence.

👍I was reminded of my fallibility.

🧡I got up close and person with a lot of feelings: sadness, hope, discouragement, appreciation, disgust, betrayal, anger, love. It was a roller coaster ride.

🤗I received so much emotional and physical support.

I also received a lot of “are you fully recovered?” questions. I still am.

And to be honest, I still can’t answer that succinctly. I don’t know. How would I know? What is fully recovered after an accident that will leave you forever changed?

I’m different—physically, mentally, emotionally. And not in all awesome ways.

Challenges force you to change. You don’t have a choice in the change.

I was told I was so resilient and that my body was healing very quickly. But what does it mean to be resilient?

I don’t know what it meant to those who said it to me. I should have asked. I thought about it, and then thought it would seem ungrateful. And that’s the last thing I felt!

But to me it means being willing to bear witness to the pain. More than anything it’s to be able to sit with it and find a sliver of inner stability when it’s terrible, awful, and gut-stabbing. It’s welcoming the roller coaster of uncertainty.

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