Finishing the Peak Week meta-series, Joe and Adam turn to Men’s Bodybuilding and Classic Physique to compare and contrast peaking methods and management. Listen in as they discuss division criteria, body type, peaking strategy, and fine-tuning for your next big win!

Joe Klemczewski, PhD, founder of THE DIET DOC and legendary TEAM KLEMCZEWSKI PERFECT PEAKING, has joined Adam Atkinson, founder of SEE YOU LATER LEANER, to bring you the science of Peakology in an informative daily video catalog! Learn how to master the stage from the coach who pioneered the contest prep coaching industry! Together, Klemczewski and Atkinson have helped clients win more than 500 pro cards, 200 pro titles, and 25 world championships. It’s time for your best condition and your biggest win!



The Diet Doc, LLC, is the parent company to many health, fitness, nutrition, and behavioral projects. Founded 25 years ago by Joe Klemczewski, PhD, known as the Godfather of Flexible Dieting, The Diet Doc is equipping the next generation of nutrition coaches. Joined by health psychologist Kori Propst, PhD, Joe has created the Flexible Dieting Institute, the Nutrition Coaching Global Mastermind, and Contest Prep University. Whether you’re listening to a podcast or interview as a life transformation client, a physique sport competitor, a performance athlete, a fitness entrepreneur, or just need some life motivation, Joe and Kori won’t disappoint!


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4 Components of a Healthy Lifestyle

This brief article breaks down 4 important components of a healthy lifestyle. It’s designed to remind the reader of the importance of these factors, and to start thinking of ways they can incorporate them.

Eating Too Little and Not Losing Weight?

When we think diet, to many the first thought that comes to mind is eating less or close to nothing. That is the biggest misconception, and the perfect way to set up yourself for failure. A few days ago, I was speaking to a female that weighs approx. 140lbs. She had told me she eats a 3-oz chicken breast and some plain broccoli 4 times a day everyday.

Tips on How to Avoid Weight Gain

This article will give you some key tips on how to avoid weight gain and how to keep yourself from eating extra calories throughout the day. These tips can be helpful to anybody, from a diet novice to a seasoned fitness pro.

The Pleasure of Learning a New Hobby or Sport

If one of your new year resolutions is to lose weight and get in shape, this could be all the motivation you need to get going. Not only could you possibly find a new exercise alternative to help you burn excess calories and weight from your body, but you may find yourself enamored with a whole new exercise outlet and begin to enjoy working out.

Shakes To Lose Weight – How A Diabetic Can Lose Weight Easily

One of the biggest problems faced by a diabetic person is that he or she cannot really go on a weight loss diet. Since this person’s body is unable to produce the right levels of insulin, what happens is that sugar levels can spike or drop dramatically. As a matter of fact, a diabetic has to consume meals at very regular intervals in order to prevent these unhealthy fluctuations in sugar levels.

Fitness Assessments – The Keys That Drive The Engine

Quite often our focus is on our eating and training habits, however how do we know what these should be? How do we set our goals if we don’t know our starting point? And how do we achieve success if we have no measure?

Change Your Body And Life Will Open Up

You can change your body after pregnancy and look better than ever. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best all the time.

Tips To Help You Overcome Your Weight Loss Plateau

For quite a number of people that are working hard to shed weight, they will almost inevitably hit a patch after some time when they will hit a weight loss plateau where their weight will stay on the same level despite all the exercise routines and the healthy fat loss diet that they are making use of. If you do not handle this critical stage very well, you will become so discouraged and frustrated that you will be tempted to stop your healthy weight loss diet and fitness exercise routines. However, you have to realise that…

Struggling With Your Weight Loss Goal? Here Are Some Tips That Helped Me

If you listen to the stories in the media, you might believe that losing weight and actually keeping it off is almost impossible. It is almost like the media wants to you to be unhealthy and stay on medication and other drugs for the rest of your life. Not to worry, there is definite hope. Follow the steps to weight loss and you will be successful.

How To Say ‘No’ to Too Much Food – Top 7 Tips

During the festive periods of the year, many people find it very difficult to avoid over indulging in readily available food from friends and close relatives who often offer them lots of “harmless treats” and lots of sweet goodies as presents. However, if you are serious about maintaining your fit and slim figure, you have to learn to say no to these food extras without feeling guilty or remorse. So in this article, we shall be looking at the following tips that will help you to put your feet down when it comes to refusing extra and unneeded food:…

How To Stay Slim After Losing Weight

Most overweight people often make the mistake of thinking that the biggest hurdle that they will face in their quest to lose weight is how to shed off their excess body fat when the real and greatest challenge that they will face is how to keep and maintain their weight at a normal level without regaining all the fat that they had managed to shed off initially. While losing weight may be difficult, keeping off the excess body weight is even much more tedious. The truth of the matter is that we are all born with a specific number…

What Exactly Is Making You Fat?

Are you one of the people that see weight loss as the ultimate chimera, the one thing that you want desperately but you never seem to achieve? When you read about it, weight loss seems to be quite simple. Following a diet regime, working out and staying away from junk food is supposed to do the trick but very often, such changes fail getting you there.

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