My YouTube Break & Weight Loss Journey Update | What the heck happened?

It’s been a while since I posted a weight loss journey progress update, and there are many reasons for that. In this quick update video, I’m letting you know where I’ve been, what I’ve been dealing with, and how it has impacted my weight loss journey progress. Setbacks happen, but I’m still at it and I’m here, with lots of new things coming down the line. I hope you enjoy the video and continue to support my weight loss journey to lose 100lbs.

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Your Metabolism – What It Is And How To Increase It To Lose More Fat

Many people talk about metabolism, “Oh, I have a slow metabolism and that’s why I gain weight easily.” or “She has a fast metabolism and can eat anything she wants without getting fat.” However, many people aren’t familiar with what your metabolism actually is, what contributes to it and how you can use this information to stay lean.

Your Weight Does Not Tell The Whole Story

The number on your scale does not tell the whole story about your health and body fat levels. Using tools like DEXA scans, circumference and body fat measurements along with your weight is a better indicator of your current health status.

Tips on Using Digital Fat Scales

  Usually people judge you by your appearance. However, as it’s commonly said you should never judge a book by its cover – but as well all do, the cover is one of the most important aspects that we consider before buying. But, why should you bother about what others think about you when it comes to physical fitness?

How To Avoid Genetically Modified Food

With the holiday season in many parts of the world fast approaching, you may want to know how to avoid genetically modified food. If you are eating out a lot with family and friends who are not so aware of a problem with this food, it can be hard to retain your standards while you refrain from rocking the boat.

Losing the Belly Fat Can Be a Fun If Only You Know How to Do It

Belly fat is really a matter of serious concern and requires a concerted effort to get rid of it. But why make a long face and act as if you are suffering from a lethal disease or undergoing a rigorous punishment for some crime.

Lose 17.5 Pounds In 22 Weeks Without Exercise Without Diet

If you want to lose weight fast without exercise and without diet then this article is for you! I will show you how you can lose 17.5 pounds in 22 weeks without doing any workout and without changing your diet.

Lose Weight Now: 3 Principles To Losing Weight Successfully

Successful weight loss requires a holistic approach to achieving your goals. It may not just be about diet and exercise. One needs to look at his or her over all well being and work toward improving that aspect as well.

Diets That Work: No Gimmicks, No Hype, Just Results

Is your diet failing you? Find out why and how to choose a sensible weight loss eating plan without gimmicks or hype.

3 Bad Things About Diets Most People Don’t Understand

Many people rely on diets to lose weight. However, I’ve got a beef with that strategy. You see, there are three major issues I have with dieting to lose weight.

The Danger of Television and Childhood Obesity

According to the KTLA news report, “Too much television can increase your child’s risk of obesity. Doctors say a TV in the bedroom can make it even worse. New research finds kids with a TVin their room are 3 times more likely to be overweight increasing the risk of obesity.” See what can be done to help prevent this from happening.

I Need A Break From Dieting!

The holidays are the worst time of the year to stick to a diet. Everywhere you go there are Christmas cookies, candies, deserts, eggnog and extra snacks. Trying to avoid the temptation of eating all those wonderful holiday treats that only come out during the holidays is hard to beat. Yet, sticking to your diet is so painful, that is it worth not a little indulgence?

3 Quick and Easy Tips to Reduce Weight Fast – Eat Healthy, Do Exercise and Green Coffee Beans

Nearly a quarter of the world population is fat, obesity rates are skyrocketing and this is why I decided to write this article, I will share with you 3 quick and easy tips to reduce weight fast. If you follow these tips I can guarantee you that you will lose up to 17.5 pounds in just 22 weeks.

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