Lose Weight Sara’s August Team WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE | August 2021 Group Weight Loss Challenge

We are doing it again, Sara Squad! It’s time for another Lose Weight Sara Team Weight Loss Challenge for the month of August. Let’s start with the form to sign up for the August Team Weight Loss Challenge:
Sign-ups MUST be received by July 29th at Midnight CST. No late sign-ups will be accepted this time (due to the difficulty of evenly dispersing the teams).

Here’s how it works!
1.) Everyone signs up with a weight loss goal for the month of August 2021. Total weight loss goals cannot exceed 8lbs to keep our weight loss safe and healthy.
2.) On Friday July 30th, I will announce the Team Leaders and their Teams.
3.) For each week in August, you will report the number of pounds lost (or not) for the week to your Team Leader. You do NOT have to report your weight, just the number of pounds up or down for the week. Weight loss is due by midnight each Saturday during the month of August, so the first official weight record happens by Saturday August 7th. You DO NOT have to change your regular weigh in day for the challenge unless you want to! No need to make it over complicated.
4.) Team Leaders will record August weight loss on a spreadsheet prepared and provided by me. The spreadsheet does all the calculations – no math wizards required!
5.) Each week, I will update August team weight loss challenge progress on the Sunday following the weigh in.
6.) Teams are working towards having the highest PERCENTAGE of their total weight loss goals. This keeps it fair. The highest percentage of the overall team goal lost is the winner of the challenge.

Want to be a Team Leader in the August Weight Loss Challenge? Message me on Instagram at Lose Weight Sara. I prefer other content creators/YouTubers to Team Lead, but will accept requests from non-content creators as well.

Being a Team Leader is easy! You pick a name for your squad and hold them accountable each week, ensuring that they get their pounds lost for the week to you by the deadline. Your main goal is to inspire your weight loss team to greatness! It’s a lot of fun and very encouraging!

I would love a small business to step-up and sponsor the challenge with prizes for the 1st place weight loss challenge team! If this sounds like you, please email me at loseweightsara1@gmail.com! Your name or business name will be in all videos/all social posts and tagged as the challenge sponsor. I appreciate any support and so do my subscribers!

Questions? Comment below or message me on Instagram!

To get the most current updates about the challenge, please consider joining my Caffeine & Calories Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/706077067007618

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Please consider joining the #SaraSquad by subscribing to my channel. My goal is to lose 100lbs while supporting and motivating others. I want to cheer you on!!!

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