Caffeine & Calories: A Weight Loss Support Chat

This was my very first live stream and it was a blast! Join us every Sunday at 10AM CST for a casual, fun, and supportive chat discussing all things weight loss journey. Thank you to everyone who attended and if you didn’t get to this time, I hope to see on the next one! Timestamps below!

4:34 Figuring out this whole Live Stream YouTube thing!
6:00 Get your coffee ready
6:31 About Caffeine & Calories: A Weight Loss Chat Live Stream
7:03 Topic 1: What are you weight loss journey goals this week?
8:45 Water intake is important
12:20 Subscribe to All About Janette!
13:06 Two Janettes/Jeanettes?!?!
15:30 My experience on the keto diet and how I take my coffee
20:26 Why I shouldn’t eat pasta
22:09 Dairy woes
22:35 Topic 2: Share something you have shared on your weight loss journey
23:11 I wish I was a morning person
27:35 The scale is not the only measure of success on a weight loss journey
29:35 How tall am I?
30:19 Intermittent fasting or intuitive eating?
31:04 What I do use to edit my videos?
33:45 Topic 3: What are your weight loss journey achievements this week?
35:14 How far is 3K in miles?!
37:15 Why I stopped weighing myself every day
39:42 Consistency is key to weight loss success
41:18 What I did to gain weight – my really big brain poignant thought
43:35 the toxic diet culture of the 90s and early 2000s – why “lose weight fast” sucks
45:41 My mom’s 80s workouts and how they impacted me
50:06 What I learned from my Mom’s experience (love you mom)
53:45 What a time to be alive
54:42 Who needs words of encouragement?
56:15 Keto ice cream and an inappropriate hand gesture LOL
58:56 What are your plans for today?
59:25 My son’s 3 food groups
1:03:30 Leslie’s Walk at Home videos and my Leslie Sansone impression
1:09:00 What’s your sign?
1:12:00 Pizza talk
1:13:29 Why restrictive diets don’t work for me.
1:15:00 What app do I use to track my food intake?
1:19:01 Why do I YouTube?
1:24:30 Why I love Day 1 videos
1:25:10 Thank you and wrap up

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