Caffeine & Calories: A Supportive Weight Loss Chat for Encouragement

We had a lot of fun again! This week’s theme was “Non-scale Victories”! Check out the timestamps below for an overview of the stream. Thanks to all who attended, and if you didn’t this time – we hope to see you an upcoming stream real soon!

4:00 Still figuring out this live stream thing
4:03 Welcome
6:02 Audio fixing
7:14 My ridiculously huge new microphone
8:03 I need glasses to see

8:53 Nice weather and workout plan
9:55 The game my family is playing
10:19 Lawn mowing woes
10:35 I am a nerd – here’s what I like
11:30 Gaming family and VR

13:30 2 Jeanettes/Janette and how we keep from mixing them up
13:55 Stream Theme: Non-scale victories and why the scale sucks
15:18 Topic 1: Things that have gotten easier as you lost weight
21:53 Weird issues with jeans
17:40 My embarrassing to admit things that have gotten easier
19:04 Basic body functions that were a serious problem
20:55 Shoutouts for Every Damn Day Fitness & Obese to Beast
24:45 It’s easier to put on clothes now
25:30 I had the best cat ever RIP Neko
26:26 Topic #2: Share your Non-Scale Victories
28:34 The scale is liar
30:20 Alix’s Redbubble
30:42 How often do you weigh yourself?
33:48 Why I share my scale ups and downs
35:20 The Whoosh
36:50 My Instagram and Twitter
37:55 Looking at the bigger picture
38:05 Topic #3: What helps you keep motivated when you’ve had a not-so-great week?
39:10 Stopping doesn’t make it better – but don’t put that on car
40:30 Weighing for the doctor
41:14 My last time on an airplane
44:40 Why YouTube has been a game changer for my weight loss and what I hope my channel brings others
45:40 #sassyassgoalgetters
45:55 Every Damn Day Fitness Quote
47:24 This really is a casual steam + Microphone punch LOL
49:00 What’s on my agenda for the rest of the day?
50:50 I really don’t want to work out in front of high school freshmen!!!
52:35 Why bikes don’t work for me and the big booty seat
55:10 Alix’s Redbubble update – go check out her shop WithanI
55:37 No such thing as late to my stream!

1:00:00 Have I done a “How I Gained Weight” video?
1:00:58 What is your weight loss strategy?
1:05:08 My ridiculously small wrists and ankles
1:05:32 Why I don’t restrict foods
1:05:51 My struggles with Binge Eating Disorder
1:06:55 When I hit 500 subscribers, I will do this…
1:07:26 More details about my binges
1:10:27 Binge eating disorder is scary
1:12:15 Binge eating and watching Biggest Loser & My 600lb Life
1:13:03 Time flies when you’re chatting about weight loss
1:13:40 Binge eaters feel shame

1:14:35 Binge and purge – what people don’t realize
1:15:28 Always consult a medical professional
1:15:48 Filling the holes in my life with food
1:19:00 Wrap up and upcoming schedule
1:19:51 Thank you for joining my stream

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