Caffeine & Calories: A Supportive Weight Loss Chat for Encouragement

Thank you for joining my Live Stream today! If you’re watching the replay, timestamps below! Caffeine & Calories is LIVE every Sunday at 10am CST. This is a supportive chat where those of us on a weight loss journey come together to chat all things weight loss and support and encourage each other along our journeys. It’s super casual – so come in when you can and leave as you need to!

The theme of this week’s stream is “Mental Health & Weight Loss”. Note that I am not a mental health professional and only speaking from my own personal experience.

4:57 Welcome to the stream!
5:20 My steps for the day already!
8:20 Thank you for coming along on my weight loss journey
9:01 This week’s NSVs Non-scale Victories
11:00 small wins are still wins
12:30 Everyone sharing their non-scale victories
13:14 Feeling smaller in the car
16:00 Loving yourself so you can love others
19:45 How was weight loss affected your mental health and overall well being?
22:00 How long have you been on your weight loss journey?
23:07 Are you feeling better the longer you stick to your journey?
25:30 Letting go of the “lose weight fast” mentality
25:57 Tameka Doesn’t Quit is in the house!!!
27:15 Accountability and appreciation for the YouTube Weight Loss community
29:30 Lose weight fast doesn’t work
31:36 Embracing the journey
33:00 Meet my dog Chewbacca
36:24 What app do you use to stream?
38:47 Dealing with trolls?
40:06 How long I’ve been married & how I met my husband
49:10 How does my hubby feel about me putting my weight loss journey on YouTube?
51:56 Fitness Le Fae is beating me in our FitBit challenge! Nooooo!
53:29 How to become FitBit friends with me!
54:05 What was my lowest weight & size?
54:57 The closet where my thin clothes go to die
57:55 Living vicariously through other YouTubers 🙂
59:50 See how big my jeans are on me now?!
1:00:45 I’m trying hard not to spend money
1:08:00 How to deal with it when someone asks if you’re pregnant.
1:10:00 Custom designed dresses?
1:13:00 Do you feel energized after our chats?
1:13:18 Do you ever buy smaller clothes to motivate you?
1:15:00 My cool high school styles (LOL)
1:23:00 I LOVE APRIL LAUREN (fangirl moment)
1:25:50 1200 calories sucks
1:26:48 I don’t shut up and I edit the heck out of my videos because I talk too much
1:27:40 Try a live stream, it’s fun!
1:31:00 Closing out – what are your goals for this week?
1:32:00 My schedule and next week’s steam
1:33:00 Thank you for coming and I’ll see ya real soon!

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