Caffeine & Calories: A Casual Weight Loss Support Chat

If you didn’t catch the live stream, timestamps below!

1:02 Stream intro & Welcome
2:15 What is Caffeine & Calories?
3:22 Should Instagram Weight Loss influencers disclose that they have had weight loss surgery?
5:38 I think weight loss surgery is amazing and I do not think it is the “easy way out”
10:45 Oklahoma weather
15:50 The early days of the internet – remember Geocities?! Remember Live Journal?!
17:03 Prodigy chatrooms LOL
18:08 I hate snow
19:19 This weeks NON SCALE VICTORIES!
21:13 My NSVs
24:09 #sweatember – can you recommend me a pilates video?
27:11 What is #sweatember?
30:55 My current workouts
33:00 Ring Fit for the Nintendo Switch
34:26 Animal Crossing 🙂
36:07 Where can you buy a weighted vest?
39:44 The truth about armadillos
42:00 Emo bangs
43:15 Go subscribe to @Drrohanfonseca
44:00 #sweatember is up to you!
46:45 If you are trying new things, make sure they are SAFE FOR YOU
47:50 The Canadian drinking age
49:09 Why I don’t do gimmicks or restrictive diets
50:15 Being landlocked sucks
50:54 Failure is not an option
52:13 We missed Mads Journey (and she’s back!)
52:55 How did keto get so complicated?
54:20 Almost everyone in here has a YouTube channel – so go subscribe to them and support them!
55:01 I made my first affiliate dollar – THANK YOU to whoever purchased the water bottle I recommended!
55:34 Congrats to All About Janette on her engagement!
56:04 Drinking coffee with friends – the whole purpose of my live stream
56:44 We summoned All About Janette!
57:30 Telling friends about your YouTube channel
58:15 Intermittent fasting? Yay or nay?
1:00:14 Detaching emotion from the scale
1:00:52 Please go check out Robin Reboot (new YouTuber)
1:01:00 We also summoned Mads Journey!!!
1:02:53 Every Damn Day Fitness reviewing Beatrice Caruso – really good advice
1:03:39 Detaching emotion from the scale and looking at it from a scientific data standpoint
1:05:45 Why punish yourself by weighing after a bad week?!
1:06:15 The scale is not your *bleeping* master!!!
1:08:33 Using other data to measure success
1:09:00 Do we use the scale as our way out or an excuse?
1:09:30 I’m a sympathy cryer
1:10:10 Other measures of progress – loose clothes and looking at yourself
1:11:10 Alix’s Redbubble: WithanI
1:11:14 Kids in the stream!
1:12:41 My kids are amazing
1:14:11 My son called me out last week
1:14:33 The playback is available if you want to follow other the channels
1:15:20 And now we summoned Robin Reboot!
1:18:00 You are not alone on your weight loss journey
1:21:30 A weight loss journey can be isolating
1:22:00 The YouTube weight loss community is small but mighty
1:23:15 Twitch Vs. YouTube streaming
1:25:13 Wrap up and conclusion – thank you for watching!

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